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About Moi Beauty Parlor & Spa

Located on 40 N Village Rockville Centre, NY 11570 one of Long Island’s trendiest cities, MOI BEAUTY PARLOR & SPA warmly welcomes all its clients to a modern polished setting. Our star-level treatment offered by a dream team of skilled experts makes it the ultimate destination for a first-class hair care experience.


Meet the Owner

Sherlie Legagneur was born and raised in Haiti and since she was a child, she always loved business and beauty. Her dream was to study cosmetology and have her own business in the beauty industry, where she could have the opportunity to use her magic to change people's lives. 

Growing up in Haiti, especially as an only child, the idea of becoming a beauty salon owner did not sit well with her mother. The typical “Haitian parents” or should we say “Caribbean parents” always wanted their kids to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. After she finished high school, she went to the Dominican Republic to study civil engineering due to political instabilities in Haiti. She was not ok with that idea and became miserable, being away from her loved ones, in a career that was not her dream. Ms. Legagneur dropped out two years after she enrolled in college and then moved to the US.

In 2007, Ms. Sherlie decided to go to Empire Beauty school to sharpen her crafts. She called her mother to share the news and the answer was surprising -  her mother was hurt by the fact Ms. Legagneur chose cosmetology as her career path since back home, it was not considered a profession.  

Unfortunately, 13 years later a divorce led her to the path she always wanted. Sherlie Legagneur moved to Connecticut to start fresh and that is when she met her present husband, Francois. They both shared the same vision and future plans. Her husband has really supported her throughout the whole process of starting her new business and now her dreams have finally come to fruition in 2020. 

Our Mission

A place where customers feel comfortable, identified, and happy.

Our Vision

To provide a cozy environment where clients feel-free of stress
and in the future open multiple franchises in the country and around the world.

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